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Please fill out this form to volunteer for the 2017 State Summer Games as a SpartanNash affiliate. A confirmation email will be sent after your registration is confirmed.

2017 State Summer Games - SPARTANNASH

Central Mighigan University- June 1st - 3rd, 2017
2017 State Summer Games Registration
If you are interested in donating your time to Special Olympics MI as a SpartanNash affiliate, please complete this form by 5/5/17.
Final assignments will be mailed after May 8th.
First name
Middle name
Family/last name
Home address
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Home phone
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone #
I would like to volunteer for (check all that apply, you are not required to sign up for everyday):
Thursday, June 1st (12pm-5pm)
Please rank the top three (3) events you wish to volunteer for: (1 = Highest, 3 = Lowest)
Move in assistant (may require heavy lifting)
Friday, June 2nd (7:30am-5:00pm)
Please rank the top three (3) events you wish to volunteer for: (1 = Highest, 3 = Lowest)
All volunteer positions have been filled for Friday, June 2nd. You are welcome to attend as a walk on volunteer.
Saturday, June 3rd (7:30am-5:00pm)
Please rank the top three (3) events you wish to volunteer for: (1 = Highest, 3 = Lowest)
Special Events
Bowling @ SAC
Bowling @ Riverwood
(1) A Games Committee Chairperson has asked me to work with him/her
Yes or No
If yes, list Chairperson
(2) Have you volunteered for Special Olympics previously:
Yes or No
(3) I am an official:
Yes or No
If yes, what sport
(4) I have health condition that may affect my volunteer assignment:
Yes or No
If yes, please list implications
(5) Volunteer lodging will be offered at two locations: Super 8 Hotel or a Resident Hall on campus
Option 1- Super 8 Hotel:
Volunteers must contact Super 8 Hotel, 232 South Missions St, Mt Pleasant (989) 773-8888, directly to reserve their room(s) and request the Special Olympics - SpartanNash block
Option 2- Resident Hall, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, MI
Resident halls will be chosen for volunteers on a first-come-first-serve basis.
To register to stay in the Resident Hall visit: visit https://kx.conferences.cmich.edu/SOMI2017
I grant Special Olympics Michigan permission to use my likeness, voive and words in television, radio film, or in any form to promote activities for Special Olympics. (initial)
For questions or concerns please contact Kellie Murphy at murph4kj@cmich.edu